Tequila Tour

This is a six to seven  hours aprox tour. Besides Tequila town, you will know two towns more which are on the way where we will make stops so that you can try  and enjoy of the local brands  . We want you to know the history of tequila, the national drink of Mexico. Once in the agave field, an UNESCO  world heritage site, you will admire the  great Tequila Volcano and will experience the harvest process or “jima”. Tequila shots and cocktails are included.  Getting to Tequila town there are attractions such as the oldest distillery in Latin America, the regional tequila museum and onix workshops,  which take stone from the second largest onix mine in the world, located in the area. A really diferent, not generic experience, with a touch of sweet, smooth,  delecious tequila.

Optional activities:

  • Old haciendas tour.
  • Natural water park.
  • Opal and onix mines.

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